Evening and weekend appointments for all patients in Salford

Posted: 23rd May 2017

We are delighted to have been selected to provide the Salford Wide Extended Access Pilot.

The pilot will launch in Swinton this summer and means patients at Swinton’s four practices (The Sides, The Poplars, Silverdale and The Lakes) will be able to offer their patients appointments later in the evening and on a Saturday and Sunday morning at Swinton Gateway.

The aim is that by Spring 2018 all patients in Salford will be able to benefit from this service and have evening and weekend appointments at a venue in the area they live, most likely their local Gateway Centre.

Chief Executive Officer Dr Neil Turton said: “We know that GP practices have worked really hard over recent years to extend the hours they are open to offer patients the choice of appointments earlier in the morning or an early evening appointment.

“The roll out of the Salford Wide Extended Access Pilot gives us the opportunity to build on that and offer appointments later into the evening and also on a Saturday and Sunday morning. This is fantastic news for patients who may find it hard to attend for appointments during the traditional opening hours – perhaps those people who work shifts or a long distance away from their practice or maybe stay-at-home parents who struggle with day-time appointments as they would need to bring their young children with them.”

Patients will be able to find out more about Salford Wide Extended Access Pilot and how to book appointments once the initiative has been rolled out in the neighbourhood their practice is in.